A compatibility table showing the available default system fonts across different mobile platforms

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What is it?

Perhaps a more accurate description would be an incompatibility table. This shows the state of default system fonts across the most popular platforms. I put this together as a way of finding alternatives to certain webfonts when page weight starts to get too heavy.

Font iOS 7+ Android 4.4+ WP 8+ BlackBerry
Academy Engraved LET Yes
Al Nile Yes
American Typewriter Yes
Andale Mono Yes
Apple Color Emoji Yes
Apple SD Gothic Neo Yes
AppleGothic Regular Yes
Arial Yes Yes Yes
Arial Black Yes
Arial Hebrew Yes
Arial Rounded MT Bold Yes
Arial Unicode MS Yes
Avenir Yes
Avenir Next Yes
Avenir Next Condensed Yes
Bangla Sangam MN Yes
Baskerville Yes
Batang Yes
BBAlpha Sans Yes
BBAlpha Sans Condensed Yes
BBAlpha Serif Yes
BBCCasual Yes
BBClarity Yes
BBCondensed Yes
BBGlobal Sans Yes
BBGlobal Serif Yes
BBMilbank Yes
BBMilbank Tall Yes
BBSansSerif Yes
BBSansSerifSquare Yes
BBSerifFixed Yes
Bodoni 72 Yes
Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Yes
Bodoni 72 Smallcaps Yes
Bodoni Ornaments Yes
Bradley Hand Yes
Chalkboard SE Yes
Chalkduster Yes
Calibri Yes
Cambria Yes
Cambria Math Yes
Candara Yes
Cochin Yes
Comic Sans MS Yes Yes
Consolas Yes
Constantia Yes
Copperplate Yes
Corbel Yes
Courier Yes
Courier New Yes Yes Yes
Damascus Yes
Devanagari Sangam MN Yes
Didot Yes
Diwan Mishafi Yes
DIN Alternate Bold Yes
DIN Condensed Bold Yes
Droid Sans Yes
Droid Serif Yes
Droid Sans Mono Yes
Euphemia UCAS Yes
Farah Yes
Futura Yes
Futura Condensed Yes
Geeza Pro Yes
Georgia Yes Yes Yes
Gill Sans Yes
Gujarati Sangam MN Yes
Gurmukhi MN Yes
Heiti SC Yes
Heiti TC Yes
Helvetica Yes
Helvetica Neue Yes
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN Yes
Hiragino Mincho ProN Yes
Hoefler Text Yes
Impact Yes
Iowan Old Style Yes
Kailasa Yes
Kannada Sangam MN Yes
Lucida Sans Unicode Yes
Malayalam Sangam MN Yes
Marion Yes
Marker Felt Yes
Meiryo Yes
Menlo Yes
MS Gothic Yes
MS Mincho Yes
MS PGothic Yes
MS PMincho Yes
Noteworthy Yes
Optima Yes
Oriya Sangam MN Yes
Palatino Yes
Papyrus Yes
Party LET Yes
PMingLiU Yes
Roboto Yes
Savoye LET Plain Yes
Segoe UI Yes
SimSun Yes
Sinhala Sangam MN Yes
Snell Roundhand Yes
Superclarendon Yes
Symbol Yes Yes
Tahoma Yes Yes
Tamil Sangam MN Yes
Telugu Sangam MN Yes
Thonburi Yes
Times New Roman Yes Yes Yes
Trebuchet MS Yes Yes Yes
Verdana Yes Yes Yes
Wingdings Yes
Wingdings 2 Yes
Wingdings 3 Yes
Zapf Dingbats Yes
Zapfino Yes

Notes and Resources

Android fonts from versions 1.6 and up except Roboto which exists on version 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich and up (ht — Stu Robson).
Windows 7/8 fonts updated from Windows Phone Dev Center
iOS fonts gathered from Apple Support, Android fonts gathered from numerous sources.
BlackBerry fonts from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry_OS#BlackBerry_Fonts

A resource by Jordan Moore.